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Vultures - 56:29

Image of Vultures - 56:29

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Vultures is an improvising quartet from London, England; consisting of Daniel Beattie, Matt Chilton, Will Connor and Anthony Donovan. Working across the fields of music, visual art and film, its members take influence from industrial, post-rock, free-jazz, avant-classical and noise, to create a new hybrid that seems somehow to be organically formed.

Vultures has a fearsome live reputation; both in its own right and in collaboration with the likes of Steve Beresford, Z'ev, PAS, Sandeep Mishra and Ampersand. A recent tour of the UK and Europe included support to Faust, Nurse with Wound, John Butcher, Adam Bohman and Fullborn Taversham.

56:29 is the band's first full-length CD, and shows a vital and exciting new direction for improvised music; in marrying elements of doom-drone, extended techniques - in percussion, guitar and prepared-zither, cracked electronics, and esoteric light-reactive software; creating an unholy new sound for lovers of the avant-garde. 56:29 will be of interest to fans of Supersilent, Death Ambient, Sunn O))), Deathprod, Burning Star Core, etc.